Cosmetic Dentistry

Crows Nest Dentists offers a variety of cosmetic treatments including crown and bridgework, veneers, teeth whitening, aesthetic restorative materials, implants and orthodontics. We use a team of highly qualified specialists to help us get the best results for our patients.

What to expect


Teeth can become discoloured due to age, coffee drinking and/or smoking. We offer individually customised home bleaching kits which is the most successful and does offer protection for the gums. We also provide One Hour Bleaching treatments that do not use the lights, which we believe to be harmful.

Learn more about teeth whitening procedures.


Our practice has commenced offering Invisalign Go – Aesthetic Teeth Straightening for mild crowding and orthodontic relapse. This is a short 6 month course of wearing custom made clear aligners to correct minor crowding.

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Find an available appointment online