Children's Dentistry

Our highest priority at Crows Nest Dentists for children’s visits to our practice, is that the visit is stress free and a positive experience, which will lead to a lifetime of relaxed dental visits; so different from past generations.

What to expect

We recommend that infants either accompany their older siblings or parents so that they become used to the dental practice environment. Their first few visits is just playtime, first with toys, while the rest of the family are treated, and then graduating to rides in the dental chair and if we are lucky we get to have a quick look at their teeth!! There are plenty of little toys and rewards that we give them at the end of these visits. We do find that when they are ready for their first “real” check-up at 4 they are relaxed (and usually very excited!)

During their early years at school there is an emphasis on keeping the baby teeth healthy and functional and the permanent teeth decay free, through 6 monthly check-ups when the teeth are cleaned, fluoride applied and the children taught good brushing (and flossing) techniques. We also recommend sealing deep fissures which are prone to decay with a preventative treatment called ‘fissure seals’.

To encourage patients and parents to maintain these preventative practices we have decided to offer children 12 and under “no gap” check-ups.

Find an available appointment online

Find an available appointment online