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When it comes to maintaining excellent dental health, an Oral Health Therapist can be incredibly valuable in ensuring our smiles remain bright and healthy. At Crows Nest Dentists, we offer the services of a qualified Oral Health Therapist whose specialistation is dental cleaning and hygiene – perfect for those looking for a thorough clean and/or education on ongoing dental care. 

Find out why an oral health therapist might be right for your next visit. We’ll also explain how they differ from more commonly known Dental Hygienists.

Oral Health Therapist treating patient

What is an Oral Health Therapist?

An Oral Health Therapist is a dental professional that specialises in restorative and preventative dental care. To practice, they need to have completed a 3 year Bachelor of Oral Health degree with dual qualifications in dental hygiene and dental therapy.

Expertise in Dental Hygiene

Oral Health Therapists are trained and experienced in oral hygiene. They are skilled in assessing and diagnosing oral health conditions, performing routine dental cleanings, and educating patients on proper oral hygiene practices. They will work closely with a patient to develop personalized oral care plans, emphasising the importance of regular cleaning, flossing, and maintaining healthy gums.

Expertise in Dental Therapy

Unlike a dental hygienist, Oral Health Therapists are qualified in a range of dental therapy. This encompasses a range of preventive and restorative procedures aimed at treating dental issues, particularly in children and young adults. Oral Health Therapists can perform tasks such as applying fluoride treatments, placing fissure sealants, and administering local anesthesia for dental procedures. They may also take X-Rays, provide fillings, perform extractions of deciduous (baby) teeth, and conduct minor orthodontic work.

The Experts in Dental Cleaning

Looking for the best possible teeth clean? Teeth cleaning is an area where an Oral Health Therapist can really shine. With their additional training, they excel in providing thorough and meticulous dental care, paying close attention to plaque removal, tartar control, and gum health. 

By dedicating extra time to teeth cleaning, they ensure the effective removal of stains, plaque, and calculus, helping to reduce the risk of gum disease and maintain optimal oral health. 

Why Visit an Oral Health Therapist Over a Dental Hygienist?

Ultimately, an Oral Health Therapist is more qualified, undergoing an advanced level of training beyond that of an oral hygienist. This extended education equips Oral Health Therapists with the necessary skills to perform more advanced dental procedures, in addition to comprehensive teeth cleaning and oral hygiene.

Oral Health Therapists Work Closely With Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry at Crows Nest DentistsIt’s important to note that Oral Health Therapists work closely within a dental team (including any dentists) to ensure that patients are offered the highest level of oral care. This includes prevention, maintenance and treatment for patients of all ages.There may be certain instances where an Oral Health Therapist is able to diagnose an issue, and refer you to the dentist for further treatment. A team-based approach ensures that every patient receives comprehensive care tailored to their needs.

How Often Should I Visit an Oral Health Therapist?

It is generally recommended that you visit an Oral health Therapist at least once every six months for a routine check-up and clean, however, this may vary depending on individual circumstances and needs. Regular visits are crucial in maintaining optimal oral health and preventing potential dental issues. During your appointment, your oral health therapist will not only assess and treat your oral health but will also be able to develop a personalised care plan tailored to your needs.

How to Book with our Oral Health Therapist

To schedule an appointment with our Oral Health Therapist, visit our Booking Page. To search for available appointments, you must first select the Oral Health Therapist as the provider in the top left corner. This will then show available appointments which you can book in.

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